The extraordinary show


The extraordinary show

We came with a non standard brief from the Lithuanian airports: each year the european airport conference is held in a different country and in 2015 the event was held in Iceland, but Lithuanian airports had to present themselves in that conference for an upcoming event in 2016. The client challenged us to make something ‘out of the box’ , something that stands out and something which tells about the country in which, the future event will be held. So we made an interactive video about the facts of Lithuania. While the people were watching the video on that conference, they could instantly vote on their gadgets, is the random fact is true or false, and then, get the statistics, how similar to Lithuanian Culture is he/she. Just watch and enjoy few minutes of this crazy video! P.S. in 24 hrs it gathered more than 100K views on vimeo! Made in Adell Taivas Ogilvy.

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