Adrenalinas Festival

New identity for advertising festival

Not enough of adrenaline? We feel you

Lithuanian advertising festival ADRENALINAS (Eng. Adrenaline) for decade had the logo that had nothing to do with its name. So when we got a chance, we gave it a whole new look!

The logo is the combination of the letter A and the symbolic line of the extra-fast heart beat, caused by the sudden adrenaline rush in the body. And it suits perfectly well with the bold red colour dominating in a new visual identity of the festival.

And how about the bold statement for the campaign? With it we decided to finally admit the truth. Some of the creatives and agencies still declare that awards are not so important. Oh well. But the truth is that everybody in competitive ad business like to win and get as many awards as possible and show off.

So our idea was to invite creatives to be honest with themselves, free their ego at last and boldly admit that they enter competitions to win. The solution – humble statements about fellowship, kindness, an absence of competition and the importance of “just taking part” are crossed out, to transform phrases into the bold statements about importance of winning.

Logo created at Ogilvy agency

Logo animation – Mindaugas Dudėnas