Cape Kablys

Visual identity for a festival

Cape Kablys is a cozy music festival, covering a whole range of music spectrum. It is initiated by the music club Kablys, located in the urban area of Vilnius. Yet the festival itself transcends the city boundaries and takes place in a peninsula (cape) by the lake.

The Kablys club and Cape Kablys festival is an integral and vivid part of the urban crowds’ vibrant life. The main attribute of the festival in 2020 became the vivid orange color.

The various attributes of this colour were integrated all over the Vilnius city – in central, as well as more remote areas. These elements was captured on camera. Enriched with the bold typography, they became engaging and powerful promotional material – social media visuals and posters.

As a contrast to vivid festival’s promotional material, the merchandise of the festival was black and white with a custom visuals.

Photography by: Mykolas Valantinas