Inbeauty visual identity


INBEAUTY is an online beauty shop with thousands of clients and a wide selection of beauty items. Yet brand’s mission is much more than that. INBEAUTY is here to celebrate the unique beauty of every person and oppose outdated beauty standards or formulas.


Create the brand’s logo and visual ID, that would help to communicate the brand’s message.


75% of the brand’s target audience are women. Yet our goal was to interpret the expanded and changed definition of women’s beauty, by finding genuine, yet not generic visual expressions.


We created a new logo and visual ID system, based on the brand’s values. Branding includes a wide range of items, such as merchandise, shipping materials, social media assets and unique illustrations.

The brand’s logo includes a stylised heart symbol, which stands for self-love. The colour palette is based on pastel, yet characteristic and inspiring colours, transmitting positive vibes.

Bold typography allows every message to sound like a unique & clear beauty statement, inspiring women to be absolutely content with themselves.