Vilnius Documentary Film Festival


Vilnius Documentary Film Festival (VDFF) is an international documentary film festival. Founded in 2004, it is the main documentary film platform in Baltics. The festival has continually supported the diversity of documentary films and has been in a dialogue with its audience.


In the year 2021 festival declared the motto ‘Infinite trajectories’ and invited viewers to open up to various interpretations of what we call reality or the way of life. As every human being as well as documentary film hero has a unique perception. It was the main idea behind the identity of VDFF’21, which has come to life in video, print & digital media.


In order to achieve authenticity & celebrate different forms of reality, the visuals of the festival were created using the DIY method, with the help of analog technology. The selected movie frames were printed, cut, then scanned, and recomposed into a collage, creating a whole new visual reality. Intense bold colors represent the exceptional stories of documentary film heroes. Unconventional running titles stand for undefined limits of reality as well as generate a motion effect, referencing sequences in the film strip.



Identity, concept, video, print & social media assets.


Client: cinema center SKALVIJA

CD & AD: younique studio

Motion design: Mantas Baciuška